Running Cicada Distributed Tests in Kubernetes

How to get your Cicada tests running in a local k3d cluster

Cicada Distributed’s scalability and flexibility comes from being able to run a containerized testing workload. In the initial version of Cicada Distributed, this was only available in Docker. Cicada Distributed 1.2.0 introduces Kubernetes support to run those same workloads in a K8s cluster. In this tutorial, you’ll set up a local K8s cluster using k3d, (a lightweight version of Kubernetes that runs in Docker containers), modify the Cicada Distributed cluster for local usage with Kustomize, and use that to host the tests.

This guide is also available on the Cicada Distributed docsite.

Setting up the cluster

Begin by installing k3d and ensuring that Kustomize is installed and available to use with kubectl -k. Once this is installed, start the k3d cluster:

k3d cluster create -p "8283:[email protected][0]" -p "8284:[email protected][0]"

This will create a cluster with two node ports exposed on localhost:8283 and localhost:8284. Because these ports map to 30083 and 30084 respectively in the cluster, we’ll also have to modify the install of Cicada using Kustomize.

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Running Cicada Distributed Tests in Kubernetes