Splitting a String into a Slice in Golang

Splitting a String into a Slice in Golang

Splitting a String into a Slice in Golang. I can't begin to tell you how often I split strings in Golang. to split a string into a slice. yourbasic.org/golang. Go’s rich standard library makes it really easy to split on string. 99% of the time you need to split strings in Go, you’ll want the strings package’s strings.Split() function.

I can’t begin to tell you how often I split strings in Go. More often than not I’m just parsing a comma-separated list from an environment variable, and Go’s standard library gives us some great tools for that kind of manipulation.

  • Split by commas or other delimiters
  • strings.Split
  • strings.SplitN
  • Split by delimiters and retain the delimiters
  • strings.SplitAfter
  • strings.SplitAfterN
  • Split by whitespace and newlines
  • Split using a regex


The strings.SplitN() function takes three arguments: the string to be split, a separator, and the number of resulting strings in the slice.

To be honest I don’t use this function very often, but it might be useful if you’re working on a large document and only care about the first few sentences or something along those lines.


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