An Adventure in Multi-Cloud with Kubernetes and Distributed Data

An Adventure in Multi-Cloud with Kubernetes and Distributed Data

At Distributed SQL Summit Asia 2021, CAST AI's Leon Kuperman gave a talk on using multi-cloud with Kubernetes and distributed data. See the recap here.

At this year’s Distributed SQL Summit Asia 2021, Leon Kuperman from CAST AI presented the talk, “An Adventure in Multi-Cloud with Kubernetes and Distributed Data.”

Setting the Scene

CAST AI is an AI-driven cloud optimization platform for Kubernetes that helps companies cut their cloud bill and prevent downtime. In the presentation, Leon walks through how to deploy a highly available YugaybteDB cluster across three cloud providers (AWS, GCP, & DigitalOcean) using Kuberentes and CAST AI automation. To showcase the deployment he built out an e-commerce application and performed numerous tests to show how persistence, latency, and performance can benefit from this set up. Aside from the demo of the e-commerce app he also walks us through the results of the TPC-C tests. Ultimately, what we get is a variety of proof points that show how, by combining CAST AI and YugabyteDB, you can effortlessly deploy a highly available, multi-cloud e-commerce application that performs extremely well.

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