How to build a one-time passcode protected conference line

How to build a one-time passcode protected conference line

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We've seen how to build a conference line and then protect it with a static passcode. However, passcodes can be guessed or leaked, especially if they are reused over time. An alternative is to make a list of numbers that are permitted to join the call. But, since spoofing phone numbers is relatively easy, this still may not protect you.

A one-time passcode (OTP) sent to a caller's phone or email, can verify they are who they say they are and increase the security of your conference line once more.

In this post we will take the Rails application we previously developed and add a conference line secured in two ways. We will:

  1. Ensure that the caller is a known participant by checking their caller ID against a list of permitted phone numbers
  2. Send them an OTP using Twilio Verify which they then have to enter correctly to ensure they aren't spoofing the number

What you'll need

In order to code along with this tutorial you will need:

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