Scottie  Mills

Scottie Mills


Automate Excel Work with Python and Pandas

Excel tasks are repetitive and boring! Automate them and make your life easier using Python and Pandas. Opening CSV and XLSX files into a Pandas Dataframe is super easy, and setting up to do some basic editing and manipulation with that data can save you hours off your day job.

I will show you how automating tasks such as combining CSV files into one, moving columns around, creating pivot tables and vlookups is easy in Pandas, as well as exporting into all the popular file formats.

Learning how to use Pandas is also highly recommended for anyone interested in data as it is Pythons go to for Data Science, so starting small with some basic dataframe manipulation will set you off down the right path.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Data
01:45 read_csv
03:46 Change Columns
08:23 Edit Column Data
09:56 Add Multiple Files Together
12:56 Pivot Tables
17:00 vlookups (merging)
20:00 Exporting
21:10 Outro


Automate Excel Work with Python and Pandas