what is important Prisma file contain

what is important   Prisma file contain

essential file for Prisma

in this articals i will expline some essential for prisma

### endpoint(optional):

HTTP endpoint for the Prisma API. Can be omitted to prompt CLI deployment wizard i will show that in the after this section. It will when go to this link to Graphql to do query or mutation what you need.

* secret:

Secret for securing the API endpoint suggest for you but that in the varable.env • eample the key for if used for encryption the password you need key in jwt or other library as passport. secret: ${env:PRISMA_SECRET}

hooks (optional)

• used to define terminal commands which will be executed by the Prisma CLI before or after certain commands.

•      post-deploy:
•      -echo "development done"
•          - graphql get-schema -p prisma


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