Факультет Frontend-разработки

Who can study?

No special education is needed - you will receive all the necessary knowledge and practical experience to start. But if you have never programmed, then they suggest starting with preparatory courses on Git and the basics of algorithmization.

What will be taught at the Faculty of Frontend Development?

The training program is divided into 4 semesters:

  • Web Layout - Master responsive cross-platform layout using Bootstrap and Less and Sass preprocessors.
  • Front-end Development - Learn JavaScript, OOP, and Vue.js.
  • “ReactJS Library and Backend Development Basics” - Get the skills to work with ReactJS and Node.js.
  • “Development from Idea to Release” - Learn about Agile Development, Git, and CI / CD principles.

In addition, on courses outside the quarter, you will be able to prepare for a technical interview, learn about the Linux device and the database.

What will I get in the end?

You will acquire the competencies necessary to work in a large IT company. Receive a state-recognized retraining diploma and a certificate.

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Факультет Frontend-разработки