Python vs. Javascript Throwdown: Which One Should You Prefer?

Python vs. Javascript Throwdown: Which One Should You Prefer?

Confused about whether you should learn Python or JavaScript? Here’s an in-depth analysis covering major points in the comparison of Python vs. JavaScript. Please read carefully and see which one suits you better.


There are so many programming languages out there that it can be a bit overwhelming to know which is right for your project, and picking the right language is crucial for getting the best performance in the least amount of time. We’ll compare and contrast the two most popular languages- Python vs. JavaScript, and explain which situations are best aligned with each.

JavaScript was rated as the most popular developer language in 2019. Many packages and frameworks are built on top of JavaScript, and some of the most popular are React, Angular and Node js.

Python is also one of the top 5 programming languages, and it’s the fastest-growing major language in the world right now. While Python has been growing steadily for twenty years or so, it has experienced exponential growth in the past five (5) years because of its adaptation as the primary language for machine learning and data science.

JavaScript and Python have some similarities in their language specifics, but there are significant variations in the core use cases of the two programming languages. Let’s have a throwdown on Python vs. Javascript, analyzing both of them in detail.

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