jQuery VS Angular: Difference Between jQuery and Angular

jQuery VS Angular: Difference Between jQuery and Angular

jQuery VS Angular: Difference Between jQuery and Angular. Confused which to choose between Angular and jQuery? Angular is a popular open-source front-end development framework that is based on TypeScript. jQuery is an open source JavaScript library that is used in the creation of quick. Angular Vs jQuery: Key Differences Between Angular And JQuery.

What Is Angular?

Angular is a popular open-source front-end development framework that is based on TypeScript. It is used to create dynamic single-page applications and make testing easier.

It is an upgraded version of  AngularJs that is  Javascript based and is significantly faster.

Angular is component-based and employs dependency injection, integration, and declarative templates to enhance the process of app development. It also prevents “spaghetti code.”

Angular also supports two-way data binding. It implies that the data-flow relationship between UI fields and model data is bi-directional.

It changes dynamically on detecting change in the UI field or the model data. This increases the functionality and interactivity of an application.

While we are on it, let’s understand what Single Page Applications are.

As the name suggests, Single Page Applications are designed to fit on a single page.

This is a clever method to reduce page loading time and also contributes to the aesthetic attribute of a website.

Whatever JS, HTML or CSS code is present on a page loads with a single page load. This means you don’t have to reload your page while using it. They are also easy to deploy.

In recent times, SPA have gained immense popularity amongst app developers.

In summary, the key features of Angular include

  1. It is built on the concept of Dependencies Injection
  2. It supports two-way data binding.
  3. It provides MVC support
  4. It makes use of restful API

Angular also doesn’t require you to manually create instances or make configurations to dependencies yourself. You can simply use functions arguments in the declaration:

myModule.controller(‘MyController’, function($scope, dep1, dep2) {

$scope.myMethod = function(arg1) {

return dep1(arg1);



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