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How to Verify Identity on Venmo

How do you confirm your identity on Venmo? It takes how long?

Venmo requests to verify the identity by using a National Database and confirms with matching legal name, address and date of birth as well as SSN and ITIN.

You will need to click the three lines to verify your identity if you receive a mail asking you to do so.

How do you confirm your identity on Venmo?

Sometimes, people may change their address or name. This can lead to mismatches. Venmo asks users to provide the appropriate documentation that confirms their address and name in such cases.

Venmo will ask you to provide unexpired documents such as the following in case your identity cannot be verified

  • Driver's license,
  • Passport,
  • Any ID issued by the US government
  • A DHS card or tribal ID card.

Is Venmo identity verification safe?

Yes, Venmo will ask for proof of identity. This is a completely safe process that won't expose any user to security risks.

How can I verify my Venmo Account without an SSN?

Venmo can't provide a verified account if you don't verify the SSN. For Venmo account verification, you will need to provide your SSN.

Venmo asking you for your SSN is primarily to confirm your account. It is also required when:

  • In a single week, users must spend at least 300 dollars.
  • Transferring more than 1000 dollars in a single week
  • If you want to create a group account.
  • Your business can process more than 200 transactions per year.

Why does Venmo ask for my SSN?

Venmo verifies the identity by using SSN. Verified accounts can enjoy greater freedom than unverified accounts.

Can Venmo confirm your identity email in 2022?

After registering with your mail ID, you will receive a verification mail in which you must click on the Venmo verification link.

After you click the Venmo link, Venmo will confirm that your account has been created.

Users who send or receive more money than allowed will be asked for verification. They will need to include their name, address, and SSN. The verification process is completed within 2 to 3 business days by the department.

All money transaction platforms, including Venmo, are required by Federal law to collect certain information regarding their users who have access to certain amounts. It is, therefore, part of their requirements process.

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How to Verify Identity on Venmo

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Venmo Clone - Launch a P2P Payment App Like Venmo

Many payment apps are making their way towards the marketplace. But the ones that support swift transactions and security features will grab the interest of users. If you wish to gain quicker attention from users then you have no other option than to develop the Venmo clone script. The app has many security features that ensure the safety of the user’s funds.

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Initiate Your E-wallet Business With Appdupe’s Venmo Clone Script

E-wallets have become the common demand for all of us these days. Thanks to apps like Venmo for making our peer-to-peer transactions much easier. Appdupe’s well-crafted Venmo clone is every entrepreneur’s desire as it is readily available to launch in the market. Are you looking for app developers? Then contact us right away to discuss further.

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Monetize Each And Every Transaction And Become A Millionaire With Venmo Clone App

Ever thought of starting your own payment app? Is that such a big task that incurs more time and money? Well, definitely not! If you are looking to get into this business, then you should definitely go through this blog. It will lead you through the process.
Have you heard about clone scripts? This is how you can develop an app for your business with a small amount of money and time. Clone scripts are pre-built ready to use applications that can be further customized according to the requirements of customers. So you can create your own Venmo clone app with Appdupes. These apps are loaded with features, and there are many add-on features too.
Venmo is a P2P or peers to peer application through which people can connect and transact money with each other without any third-party interventions.

Significance of Venmo clone app,
Digital Wallet
Send Money
Request / Receive money
Send Bills/invoices
Push Notifications
Unique OTP
Payment history
Bank transactions
QR code
Exchange rates and conversions
Refund claims

Premium Add-on feature: Crypto wallet integration

This feature enables the users to engage in the exchange of cryptocurrency; From first-rate trading features to facilitating seamless movements of crypto assets, it delivers a performance that’s comparable to the brilliance of blockchain itself.

Perks of Cryptocurrency:
100% Secure

Final Thoughts

Venmo clone app will be the best choice if you are looking to enter the P2P business segment. It comes with loaded features and lesser cost and time-saving, it has got all your needs covered. So what are you waiting for?

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Terry Tremblay


WTF is a Decentralized Identity?

Decentralised identity is the Sign In With Google equivalent for the physical world, except you are in control of your data.

Image Source : Dilbert Strip for October 2010

What is this Decentralised Identity?

To put it simply, just like cryptocurrency changed money to a completely digital form that lived on your mobile wallet, decentralised identity uses blockchain to store and share your identity. Its a little bit more complicated than just storing your driver’s license or passport as pdf, decentralised identity is a secure way to verify and share your identity.

So how does decentralised identity work? Decentralised identity models lets users share identity verifications over a blockchain network. The identity itself is not stored on the blockchain network, instead DID uses verification method that lets you verify a claim without actually sharing the identity. Your identity is with your control at all times and is never actually shared, eliminating most identity theft problems.

Source : GSMA Decentralised Identity

A did identifier looks like this did:example:123456789abcd , different networks can reserve did identifiers like domain names and can then be used to issue identities, so a DID issued by google could look like did:google:1234569abce and a DID issued by the US government could look like did:usgov:abcd1235 You can think of this like the SSN in the US or the PAN in India, it is one single identifier that lets you authenticate across all services, but unlike SSN/PAN nobody can misuse you identity in case of DID because the identifier itself has no meaning unless signed by your keys.

And these keys are never shared, they live inside your mobile device (or a secure server if you choose to) and will authenticate every request for identification. Some protocols also use a different temporary DID for all relationships, ie. the DID for your schoold and your office are two totally randomised values and ensures your DID is never compromised by any single service.

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Exclusive attributes of a P2P payment app like Venmo

With the rapid growth in technology, the approach towards doing business has changed completely, so is the way transact money. Visiting a bank, waiting in long queues, and looking after all transactions can be avoided completely now. The digital method of transacting money has been accepted and used by people in almost every country. People prefer the digital peer-to-peer payment apps as it offers convenience, security, and allows instant payments. You can also launch a P2P payment app like Venmo for your users in the market. But, get to know the major attributes that you have to include in the app:

In-app wallet:
Allow your users to build an individual digital wallet and add their funds to it when required. Users should be able to add or withdraw money from their wallets when required.

Instant transfer:
Users must be able to receive or transfer money from their bank account or wallet instantly to other users. They should have a search option to find users who are not available in their contact list.

Request money:
Users should also be able to remind other users about a payment or request money when needed.

Send invoices:
Business owners can make use of this attribute to send bills and invoices to their customers from time to time. The billing process will become easier with this facility.

In-app alerts:
Payment status, bills, money requests, and more should be sent to users via push notifications, text messages, etc.

One-time passwords:
Users must be able to transact using OTPs due to security purposes. The transaction should be initiated only after the authentication is complete.

Payment history:
Your users should be able get access to the complete list of transactions by navigating to the history section of the app.

Wrapping up!
With the list of aforementioned features, you can also add other premium attributes to stand out from your competitors. Hire the best set of developers and business experts and initiate the payment app development process right away.

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