Looking Back on Cloud Run’s First Year Since GA

Looking Back on Cloud Run’s First Year Since GA

Cloud Run is now one year old: a look back - Cloud Run has gained a lot of new features since it became generally available late in 2019.

Cloud Run is built on a simple premise: combine the flexibility of containers with the simplicity, scalability, and productivity of serverless. In a few clicks, you can use Cloud Run to continuously deploy your Git repository to a fully managed environment that autoscales your containers behind a secure HTTPS endpoint. And because Cloud Run is fully managed, there’s no infrastructure management, so you can focus on delivering your applications quickly. 

Cloud Run has been generally available (GA) for a full year now! Here's a recap of how Cloud Run has evolved in that time.

Enterprise ready

We've been hard at work expanding Cloud Run to 21 regions and are on track to be available in all the remaining Google Cloud regions by the end of the year.

Cloud Run to 21 regions.jpg

Cloud Run services can now connect to resources with private IPs or use Cloud Memorystore Redis and Memcached by using Serverless VPC connectors, which support shared VPCs so you can connect to resources on-premises or in different projects. By  routing all egress through the VPC, you benefit from a static outbound IP address for traffic originating from Cloud Run, which can be useful for making calls to external services that only allow certain IP ranges.

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