How to Build a Lightweight Image Classifier in TensorFlow / Keras

How to Build a Lightweight Image Classifier in TensorFlow / Keras

In this tutorial, we'll learn How to Build a Lightweight Image Classifier in TensorFlow / Keras. If only I had known about it before.

Computer vision is a rapidly developing field where tremendous progress is being made, but there are still many challenges that computer vision engineers need to tackle. 

First of all, their end models need to be robust and accurate. 

Secondly, the final solution should be fast enough and, ideally, achieve near real-time performance. 

Lastly, the model should occupy as few computational and memory resources as possible.

Luckily for us, there are many state-of-the-art algorithms to choose from. Some are best in terms of accuracy, some are the fastest, others are incredibly compact. The arsenal is indeed very rich, and computer vision engineers have a lot of options to consider.

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