Avoiding .apply()-ing Yourself in Pandas

Avoiding .apply()-ing Yourself in Pandas

Understanding the many faces of pandas .apply(), and why you might want to avoid it where you possibly can! This article help you know when .apply(…) might be a good choice and when it might be better to use alternatives

If you’re reading this article, I guess you have at some point used the .apply(…) method in the popular python data processing library, pandas. If you haven’t then maybe you’re lost, and you might not get very much out of this article (but kudos if you read it anyway)…

If this article is written well, and you read and understand it successfully, you can hope to;

  • Aquire greater awareness of what .apply(…) does in different scenarios (Spoiler, it might not always be what you think);
  • Know when .apply(…) might be a good choice and when it might be better to use alternatives;

“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

I will be making the point in this piece that .apply() is best used sparingly and that there may be other, more appropriate tools to reach for when you put your hand on the .apply() swiss-army-knife.

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