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Coolgear Inc


USB to Serial RS232 Adapters

USB to RS232 Serial adapters in Plastic, Cable, and Metal Chassis construction with LED Status Indicators and DB9 Male Ports and Terminal Wire Connections.

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USB to Serial RS232 Adapters
Coolgear Inc

Coolgear Inc


USB to Serial RS232 Adapters

USB to RS232 Serial adapters in Plastic, Cable, and Metal Chassis construction with LED Status Indicators and DB9 Male Ports and Terminal Wire Connections.

#usb to rs232 adapter #serial rs232 adapter

Coolgear Inc

Coolgear Inc


USB to Can Bus Adapters

Browse adapters to connect to your computer’s DB-9 serial port to create a CAN Bus protocol. Allows the installation of additional devices.

Checkout here: USB to Can Bus Adapters

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Dexter  Goodwin

Dexter Goodwin


Versioning Serializers

In a distributed system, microservices exchange information between one another, using predefined communication protocols. Some disruptions in data serialization might occur when software developers alter different microservices independently. In this article, I will revisit the most relevant practices for versioning serializers and spreading their changes throughout a system.

Communication Protocols

The OSI model establishes 7 abstraction layers for communication over the Internet. Microservices usually exchange information using the last, seventh layer, called the application layer, leveraging either preexisting protocols like HTTP or custom-made ones. I find it significant to note that the HTTP/2 protocol relies on the TCP protocol (the transport layer) which in turn relies on the IP protocol (the Internet layer) — this means that sharing information between two machines involves more work than meets the eye. I will not describe the fundamental differences between text and binary protocols here, but I want to stress that HTTP belongs to the family of the former, compared to both the TCP and the IP protocols, which belong to the family of the latter.

From this moment on I shall discuss serialization within the bounds of the HTTP protocol, mostly because of its popularity and applicability in distributed systems. Using the aforementioned protocol, a developer can transfer an information of a reasonable size in:

  • the request line (including the query parameters),
  • the headers of a request or a response (the protocol allows for custom ones),
  • the message body of a the request or a response.

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Samanta  Moore

Samanta Moore


Java Serialization Interview Questions & Answers [For Beginners & Experienced]

Java is one of the better programming languages out there in the world. We have been fortunate enough to see Java develop over time and become the massively popular language we know it as today. These improvements, which were made in Java, led to the inclusion of some really crucial features that define how we write programs today. One of those features is Serialization.

In its essence, serialization is just a mechanism used to store an object into the memory. So, when we say we are serializing an object, we mean that we are converting the object in question from the state, which it was into a stream of bytes. This conversion from its native state to the byte stream makes writing this object to a file a breeze.

This file can then be transported anywhere we wish, and to access the object and its features, all we need to do is de-serialize the object. De-serialization, as the name suggests, is the opposite of serialization. Here, we convert the byte’s stream into the native state of the object to use the object.

Serialization enables developers to write their code with a certain level of flexibility. The ability to take the object and use it with its native property elsewhere is crucial in today’s workflow. No wonder recruiters want their potential employees to know more about object serialization in java.

Whether you have used serialization in your projects or not, you cannot merely let the importance of it slide. So, to aid you in your endeavor of becoming a professional java developer, we have collected some fascinating java serialization interview questions, which you will find below.

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David Johnson


Ovidis | Easy Wear Adaptive Clothing for Seniors, Elderly & Disabled

Getting dressed and undressed is a regular activity that can sometimes be difficult for seniors. But if they are suffering from arthritis pain, this normal activity can become one of the most challenging ones for them. No matter what form of arthritis they have, no pain should make them lose their independence. For that reason, we have put together a list of some simple dressing tips that can make dressing significantly easier for seniors with arthritis pain. Let us take a look at them.

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  1. Avoid tight clothes
    Avoid choosing tighter clothes for your aging loved one with arthritis, especially if their range of motion is restricted by arthritis. Loose fit clothes can be easy to get into and take off, for that reason, choose clothes that are one size large from their usual size. You can also consider adaptive pants for seniors as they are easy to wear. This way, when they are having a tough day, they can easily take on and off these clothes without taking much help from other people.

  2. Choose simple clothing
    If your aging loved one is suffering from arthritis pain in their hands, operating zippers and small buttons can make dressing more difficult. The fasting of their clothing plays a major role in their dressing style. For that reason, it is better to choose adaptive clothing as it is specifically made for people with mobility issues. You can pick adaptive pants and sweaters for them as they do not have zippers but elastic, which makes dressing up and down much easier for your loved one with arthritis.

  3. Add a metal ring
    Clothes that come with zippers tend to be difficult to wear. Most clothes have a small ring that looks quite classy but for a senior with arthritis, the same zipper can become a nightmare for them as it may get difficult for them to hold the small zipper. For that reason, the best way to reduce their stress is to add a metal ring to the opening or you can also attach a long ribbon. This will make it easier for them to grasp and pull the zipper.

  4. Choose clothes with magnet or velcro closing
    Since buttons and zippers can make dressing challenging for your aging loved one, choosing clothes with magnets or velcro closing could be a great idea. This way, they won’t have to struggle and enjoy their independence. You can also consider buying adaptive pants for disabled seniors.
    Arthritis pain can put a lot of strain on the physical as well as mental health of your loved one. Losing independence is one such thing that everyone loses. For that reason, choosing adaptive clothing for handicapped people can be the best course of action to take.

Author’s Bio – The author is a blogger. This article is about dressing tips for seniors with arthritis pain.

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