How to Send Customers Text Messages Using Django & Twilio

How to Send Customers Text Messages Using Django & Twilio

We'll introduction How to Send Customers Text Messages Using Django & Twilio

Why Twilio and Django? Imagine a client needs to send a mass text campaign to all of their customers. The client wants to be able to upload a file of their customer’s phone numbers in an admin panel and then send a new offer with a promo code via a mass text. Fortunately, Django and Twilio can easily integrate to form this solution. Twilio’s docs go over their Python helper library here. For our project, we will consult this page and create a Customer model to store a name and phone number. Then we will extend Django’s admin to send out text messages by creating messages with the official helper library. Keep in mind, this integration is relatively straightforward but can be further customized to create chatbots and call routing systems.

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