Training Course on Leverage the Power of Generations | Simpliv

Training Course on Leverage the Power of Generations | Simpliv

Learn how to leverage the power of different generations with ease. This course Leverage the Power of Generations facilitates interaction among the different workforce generations and helps you get the best out of each of them without creating conflicts and misunderstandings. Join this highly rated course and see the difference.

There are now 4 generations in the workplace and our assumptions of the generations is getting in the way of our work. Are you getting along with your team members?

Leverage the Power of Generations aims to generate discussions and open-mindedness that leads to innovative solutions between all age groups. This “generation” course truly applies to every audience and organisation to understand that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.

Through bite-sized lessons including videos (20 minutes), written material and exercises from your own toolkit, the course focuses on creating common bonds among generations and looking at our differences as assets that can create real change. It is how we choose to work together that determines our success for the future.

Who is the target audience?

Individuals, managers and HR professionals Basic knowledge Come with an open mind to learn

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