swiggy clone - develop a robust food delivery app for your business

swiggy clone - develop a robust food delivery app for your business

The Bengaluru-based food delivery giant's total expenses for the fiscal were reported as Rs 6,545 crore

Ten years ago, there were no such food ordering and delivery service apps like Swiggy and Zomato. Let's take for example, if people are craving for food, you have to either visit restaurants and cook by yourself. They might not want to spend much time preparing food or feel too lazy to travel. It is quite troublesome.

But, nowadays, people's food craving is fulfilled easily and it is just a one-step away. They can order their favorite food from a restaurant they wish and it will arrive at their doorstep. This is possible all because of food delivery apps. Do you know why people love to order food online? Here are the following reasons that attract people to prefer food delivery apps.

  • Fastest food delivery at their doorstep.
  • They can choose any payment method according to their convenience.
  • The app offers discounts & coupons for every order above some particular amount of money.
  • Instant ordering and track their order status.
  • Advanced search or filter to browse cuisines, restaurants, and food.
  • They can give reviews and feedback if they wish.

Swiggy-like apps - How it works?

Swiggy like apps comprises three parts: Restaurant owners, users, delivery executives. It works based on the on-demand business model as follows. Users, restaurant owners, and delivery executives have to register with the app and provide the necessary information to create their profile.

  • Whenever users place an order, the app will notify the restaurant owners about the order details.
  • Once the restaurant owner accepts the order, a message will be sent to the users via push notifications.
  • Meanwhile, the delivery request will be sent to a nearby delivery executive. They have the option to accept or reject the request. If the respective delivery person rejects the request, it will be transferred to the next one.
  • After the delivery executive accepts the request, reaches the respective restaurant and collects the order that has been prepared.
  • The app will notify the order status to the user. Users can track the delivery executive's real-time location until the order has been delivered to them.
  • Both users and delivery executives can put feedback and give ratings to the app.

Key factors for the food delivery app development

So far, food delivery apps have created a revolution in the food delivery service industry. Some of the essential factors that have to be considered while developing a food delivery app are listed below.

  • Business model
  • User-friendly interface
  • Secure online payment
  • Live order tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Framework selection

Forecast - Food delivery service industry

Are you inspired to develop a food delivery app like Swiggy? You have to know the future scope of the food delivery industry. Now, let's see here. Since 2014, the online food ordering and delivery service industry have been growing rapidly. It is expected that the revenue generated will be US $12,536 million by 2023. By considering this data, you can say that the industry is booming and competitive. Furthermore, if you are already running a food & restaurant business, it is essential to create an online presence. This will help to enhance your business success.

Swiggy clone script - Develop your food delivery app in a short span

Mostly, mobile app development companies offer two solutions: develop from scratch and develop using the script. It is upto your wish to choose in which way your app wants to be developed. Developing an app from scratch requires more time and money. But, using the clone script does not take much time and money comparatively. Swiggy is one of the most famous online food delivery apps and its revenue generation has increased a lot nowadays. So, businesses using the swiggy clone app have more probability of getting success. Either you hire a freelancer or approach a mobile development company for developing the Swiggy clone app.

What are the key attributes to consider for developing an app like Swiggy?

Before you proceed, read this article to know the Swiggy clone app development's key attributes.

Separate apps

Designing separate apps with distinct features helps to run a smooth business. Also, it is easy to track the order delivery process for customers and delivery executives.

Smooth user interface

The main goal of the app should provide a user-friendly interface to your customers. So, check your app from the user's perspective. Make an easy process for them to create their account. You can display their previous orders so that it is easy for them to order again. Sending a personalized push notification helps for user engagement.


Once you have launched your app, you have to create brand awareness among customers through advertisements. You can even consult an online advertising company for advertising your app in the digital space. You can advertise only to specific geographical areas you choose to offer service.

Connect with customers

Most importantly, giving priority to your customers will make your business successful. Like, you have to provide 24*7 support to your customers. Their feedback must be taken into consideration, whether it is negative or positive.

Summing up

This article has covered an overview of the Swiggy clone app development process and the key aspects to consider when developing your app. Now, you are all set to go ahead with your food delivery service business.

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Swiggy Clone App | Swiggy Clone Script | Swiggy clone software

Food delivery industry is on the rise and now is the time to kickstart your venture with a fully-functional Swiggy clone app that can be completely customized to any extent.

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