You know the name: [json] Bourne

You know the name: [json] Bourne

I've always had a pet peeve of people using the phrase "JSON Object" to refer to any JavaScript object which happens to be the result of parsing JSON. It's just an object people!

I've always had a pet peeve of people using the phrase "JSON Object" to refer to any JavaScript object which happens to be the result of parsing JSON. It's just an object people!

Now I see we even have a special tag, jsonobject which does nothing to combat this misunderstanding. The tag excerpt:

A JSON Object is a textual representation of an object in JSON format as defined by RFC 7159 section 4; it is an unordered collection of name/value pairs (called "object members"), where names are JSON Strings and values can be any JSON value.

I am left wondering how this tag differs from the existing json tag, whose excerpt seems quite similar:

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a 100% textual data interchange format originally inspired by JavaScript objects. It is widely used in RESTful web services. Parsers for JSON exist in nearly all languages, and libraries also exist which can deserialize JSON to native objects or serialize native objects to JSON.

The similar android-json tag:

JSON stands for (Java Script Object Notation). It is a simple and light-weight data interchange format that can be easily read by humans and machines.Android includes the org.json library which allow working efficiently with JSON. This provides easy parsing of JSON data and creating JSON strings

appears to be specific to Android.

I originally thought of making the three synonyms (namely, point jsonobject and android-json to json), but reviewing the questions, it appears as though there are many things out there called "JsonObject" or similar:

I'm sure there are likely others, but I should think they could all be tagged with json if the fact that they are using the notation format is important to the question.

I'm not sure what exactly the best approach here is, thus I am not calling for burnination, retagging, or synonymizing. I'd like to hear the opinions of others what the appropriate course is.


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