3 Tips For An Awesome Campervan Workcation

3 Tips For An Awesome Campervan Workcation

There’s no better place to keep potentially hot, grimy, dirty, and cumbersome camp kitchen supplies than up and out of the way, outside the vehicle.The Front Runner Potjie Pot Carrier offers a sensible way to travel with a potjie pot.The potjie pot is secured in the bracket by the three legs. The supplied ratchet strap threads through the lid of the pot and fixes points on the bracket.The #3 cast iron pot holds 7.8L / 2.1 Gallons. The round shape and cast iron allows the heat to flow evenly around the sides and maintain liquids at the lowest point to keep them from burning. The lid has a deep lip for holding hot coals.The 3CR12 stainless steel carrier is finished with the same durable, weather resistant powder coating as the Front Runner Slimline II Rack.Like all Front Runner rack accessories, the installation is simple. Just slide the bolts into the t-slots of any Front Runner Rack Tray, set down the carrier, then add nuts and tighten.

While campervans have been around for decades, the craze is sweeping across the globe now. You may find people around you bound on vacations to different parts of the world in their converted vehicles. Fitted with a comfortable bed, a well-equipped kitchen, and even a dining table, a campervan can ensure a luxury vacation. With the unprecedented situation and work from most employees, people are opting for workcations in their campervans. Are you psyched about hitting the road in your recreational vehicle? Are you wondering how you can make the most of your campervan workcation? Read on to learn about the best tips to help you plan your adventure.

What is a campervan workcation? Many travel enthusiasts have invested in a campervan to revolutionize the entire concept of camping in the wild. Instead of setting up a tent, light a bonfire, or sleep in the open, you can use your campervan or recreational vehicle. It comes equipped with a lot of features that can add comfort to your adventure. The pandemic has given rise to an unprecedented situation where work from home has become the norm. Digital nomads are taking up this opportunity and turning ‘work from home’ into ‘work from anywhere.’ They are traveling far and wide in their campervans and working on the go. You can easily travel to the destination of your choice, work from exotic locations while taking in the beautiful views. A workcation is not merely about traveling while working, but you have the flexibility to make it as laid-back or adventurous as you want. Before planning your campervan workcation, don’t forget to load the cast iron dutch oven over your car so that you can carry hot food for an adventurous holiday.

Whether you have taken a long trip in your campervan or not, this is the right time to be on the road. Here are three tips for you to ensure your campervan workcation is as smooth as your ride: Pack only the essentials. Just because your campervan makes it easy to store things doesn’t mean you can take everything along. The storage space inside a van is still limited, so you must only take the essentials along. If you’re having trouble deciding what you should take for your workcation, here’s a checklist for you: Clothes Extra clothes are essential for your long adventure. Make sure you carry enough clothes for your entire trip. When packing clothes, keep in mind the weather conditions of the place you are heading to. Pack t-shirts, pants, socks, undergarments, and carry a hoodie or jacket to be safe if the weather gets cold. Toiletries Don’t forget to carry toiletries like soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. Work Essentials Since you are going to work, you will need your laptop, charger, stationery, essential files, and lastly, good wifi.
Travel essentials It includes a flashlight, universal charger, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, matches or lighter, first aid kit, extra towels, and bedsheets. If you plan on hiking or trekking, pack the necessary gear as well.

Check the gear before you go. If you don’t want to face any sudden surprises on the trip, it is wise to check the equipment before hitting the road. Whether you are going on your campervan or hiring one, get the vehicle thoroughly checked by experts. It will ensure that there are no faults in the campervan and you can travel smoothly. Once you know the van is in good shape, you must make sure it has all the features and accessories you need. Make a checklist of the things you need in your vehicle, like air conditioning, music system, bed, kitchen, washroom, water, wifi, lights, and so on. Besides that, you can prep the vehicle beforehand and stock it with all the holiday essentials you need. It will help ensure you have everything you need for your workcation. Prepare your meals in advance. Nobody likes to search for food at the end of the night after a long day of working or maybe hiking. To make sure you don’t have an empty stomach, you can plan and prepare your meals before leaving. Find out how many meals you will require across the trip duration and figure out what you want to eat. You can plan the meals according to the food storage you have in the campervan. Choose the dishes that are easier to cook in the van’s tiny kitchen or the open over a fire.
You can buy the ingredients before the trip or stock up on things while traveling through the cities. You will save up money on eating from outside and eat healthy food throughout the workcation.

Final Thoughts Gone are the times when you were tied down to a desk or cabin. You can turn the entire world into one big office and work from any remote corner of the world, provided you have your laptop and internet access. To make the most of this opportunity, take out your campervan and hit the road today for a fantastic workcation.

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