The Stifling Misconceptions of Artificial Intelligence

The Stifling Misconceptions of Artificial Intelligence

Addressing the most common fears regarding the subject. Artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting, most promising, and most feared emerging technologies as of today.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting, most promising, and most feared emerging technologies as of today. Personally, I think that it has a very high potential, but it will take time to develop advanced AI. For now, all we get is robots that can play flappy bird and suggest ads (please note that this is an exagerration).

However, I feel like some people are blowing it out of proportion. They hear the term “AI” and immediately think of negative connotations. I will begin with the biggest misconception:

“AI will take over the world” 🌎

There are two ways to interpret the phrase “AI will take over the world!”. One way is to acknowledge that AI is an emerging technology with the potential to provide huge benefits to businesses worldwide and streamline ineffective processes. The other way is to imagine robots coming to life and destroying the entire human race. [insert obvious Terminator reference].

I really hope that you fall into the first category. If not, let me — attempt — to change your mind.

AI is a very widely used term. There are many different types of AI, depending on how you classify it. Here is a chart to help with understanding just some of the terms that fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence:

opinion technology artificial-intelligence machine-learning

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