Network Traffic Monitoring Tools — Fiddler

Network Traffic Monitoring Tools — Fiddler

In this flood, we will examine the Web Debugging Proxy tools that allow us to listen to the HTTP/HTTPS communication of our computer with…

Fiddler has a JavaScript-like scripting language. With FiddlerScript, the HTTP request and response captured by Fiddler can be manipulated as desired. For example, by changing the Redirect field in the HTTP response, the client can be directed to the requested URL. In order to resolve HTTPS traffic, Fiddler gets the user approval to install its own certificate in the root certificate directory of the computer during HTTPS activation. For HTTPS traffic passing through Fiddler, it sends a self-generated certificate to the client. Since Fiddler’s certificate is located in the root directory of the computer, the client trusts this generated certificate and continues the communication. Fiddler solves the traffic from the client on itself, and on the other hand, communicates with the main server as if it were the client, and carries requests and responses between the client and the server. As it is known, all major browsers show their HTTP requests and responses through developer tools. The most important usage area of ​​Fiddler is monitoring the communication from server to server and non-browser clients to the outsource. Another area of ​​use of Fiddler is to capture the requests made from the client during development and testing and send them to the server after manually changing them at the HTTP packet level. In this way, HTTP requests that are difficult to generate with code can be created manually. Finally, with FiddlerCore, an Enterprise product, Fiddler’s HTTP/HTTPS packet capture infrastructure can be added to third-party applications. Thus, desired operations can be performed on HTTP packets sent and received throughout the application.

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