Oracle Cloud EBS(R12) Database Migration

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Migrate Oracle EBS (R12): Oracle Cloud (OCI) || All you need to know

📌Oracle EBS can also be configured on OCI, as it provides the best price available within the market so far in terms of storage, deployment service, and hosting of applications.

You can do the Database Migration in four ways:

➥Physical Database Migration
➥Logical Database Migration
➥Offline Migration
➥Online Migration

📌Lift and shift (Migration) allow you to migrate your on-premises identity services components such as Active Directory to the cloud along with the application.

📌The migrating strategy will be implied considering the following parameters of EBS

➥Data Transfer

📌There are a few migration Lift & Shift methods which are:

➥ZDM (Zero Downtime Migration)
➥Transportabale Tablespace
➥Data Pump
➥Remote Cloning
➥SQL Developer

Where he explains:
00:00​ = Introduction
00:09​ = Agenda
00:55​ = Migration Strategy
01:16​ = Database Migration Ways
03:08​ = Database Migration Methods
05:37​ = Data Transfer
11:33​ = Storage Gateway
13:25​ = Connectivity Options
16:43​ = Learning path for Cloud Apps DBA: EBS(R12) On Oracle Cloud(OCI)
17:44​ = FREE Class
17:55​ = Registration for FREE Class


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Oracle Cloud EBS(R12) Database Migration