Signal Clone: How to Create a Messaging App Like Signal in 2021?

Signal Clone: How to Create a Messaging App Like Signal in 2021?

<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">It is known that Signal is a free instant messaging application that is available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. It offers encrypted voice &amp; video calls and text messaging features. Even though it...

It is known that Signal is a free instant messaging application that is available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. It offers encrypted voice & video calls and text messaging features. Even though it was founded in 2010, it is named Signal in 2014. Since 2014, it has been an open-source messaging platform.

This blog is for you if you plan to enter into the mobile app industry with the Signal clone app. It will explain why you should invest in the Signal clone app and the basic features to concentrate on while developing the Signal like app

Read on to get insightful information.

Reasons to develop a real-time messaging app like Signal in 2021

Since 2020, the Signal app has become more familiar to people and it has witnessed many downloads significantly. Last year, WhatsApp came up with a new privacy policy and many concerns were raised. 

People need an alternative app to WhatsApp that should be a highly reliable and secure instant messaging app. At that time, Elon Musk (the CEO of Tesla) wrote “Use Signal” on Twitter in January 2021. These are the major reasons many people shifted towards the Signal app. 

Notably, the Signal app’s encryption protocol hides the metadata (messages) and reduces the probability of hacking. In fact, there is no chance of data leakage. Also, it conceals the location details of the users. 

Since 2016, Signal's source code is open, so it is easy to develop & launch a similar app in the market. To get your app noticed by target users, you have to focus on a business model, smooth user experience, and marketing strategy. 

Concerning data privacy, the demand for a secure messaging app is skyrocketing in 2021. Therefore, it is the right time to launch an excellent real-time messaging app. 

Essential features to include in the Signal clone app

Signal Private Messenger is known for its data privacy. Therefore, consider including the features that are incorporated in Signal. Below are the must-have features to consider while developing a modern messaging app.

  • Push notification

This feature notifies the user about important information like incoming messages, received files, missed voice/video calls. Thereby, it helps to improve user engagement. 

  • Encryption

End-to-end encryption is a vital feature for a real-time instant messaging application. This ensures that the messages (metadata) are safe and secure. However, hackers find it difficult to hack data. 

  • Geolocation

The Geolocation feature enables the users to share their current location with their friends or family members when they are outside of their homes. 

  • Temporary messages

This feature will allow the users to delete the message when the receiver has seen the message. Like, setting a time limit for the messages. It is up to the users choice to enable or disable this feature.

Apart from these, you can add the voice/video call feature. Including this feature in the messaging app is a big plus. Notably, the user base of your app increases if you incorporate sticker and emoji features. The mentioned features are the basics for the messaging app. You must try some new features if you want to stand out from your app competitors.

Bottom line

We all know that the demand for Signal arises to a great extent when WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy. So, there is no wonder that users are moving to a secure and reliable real-time messaging app. 

Signal being the privacy-focused messaging app, you can consider developing a similar app and launch it in 2021 as demand for such apps is high now. 

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