Some Popular DevOps Quotes and What I Learned From It

Some Popular DevOps Quotes and What I Learned From It

Learn Some popular DevOps quotes and what I learned from it using in my day-to-day development.

“Simply put, things always had to be in a production-ready state: if you wrote it, you darn well had to be there to get it running!” — Mike Miller

I purposefully kept this as first. We usually create some awesome features in our projects and we will have a date to release it to end-users. More precisely, we will not be releasing just one feature. We will have a bundle of features in the pipeline waiting to be released for our sprint. If you are into the waterfall SDLC model, you will wait a whole lot more than a month. The delivery is just the tip of the iceberg. What follows next is what we will be most interested in. How did it go? Did it have defects? Did it match the end user’s expectations? Will we get positive feedback and positive feature updates?. Our mind will be running on haywire at a release. The problem with these types of bulk releases is that we might not know the outcome exactly. If something goes wrong, the path to backtracking and making the changes will be huge.

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