Jaida  Rath

Jaida Rath


Demo: Rust Async/Await

Demo of the new async/await support released in Rust 1.39.

GitHub project with my demo code is here: https://github.com/tjpalmer/async-demo

Other important links:

https://github.com/seanmonstar/reqwest (including the example my demo is based on)


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Demo: Rust Async/Await
Alycia  Klein

Alycia Klein


Rust Async/Await - Building a Web Crawler with Surf and Async-Std

In this video we build a Web crawler in Rust using Surf and Async-Std. This video is meant to introduce the concept of Futures, async, await and tasks.

#rust #async/await #web

Greg  Jackson

Greg Jackson


Find out: Rundown of Async/Await

Hey there, my name is Pawan Bisht and I'm a software consultant at Knoldus for the last 1 and a half years focusing on Rust Programming.

This time in Rustlab 2020, I'll be presenting a session on the Asynchronous concept of Rust Programming by primarily focusing on the internals of Asynchronous concept with the practical implementation and we'll also see how Rust futures works internally and what makes a program to run in an asynchronous fashion.

And yes, in this session we'll also talk about some real-life scenarios as well in terms of Asynchronous programming to make this session more interesting. See you there!!!

"As you all know Asynchronous programming lets us run multiple tasks at the same time on a single OS thread.
To be precise, this talk will all about the internal functionality of Async/await like what operations are triggered internally so that we can run our programs asynchronously."

 Async/await (Asynchronous Programming)

As we that async–await syntax hits stable Rust, as part of the 1.39.0 release. So in this talk, we'll try to leverage this interesting feature as much as we can. As the session will be more interactive in terms of asynchronous programming. Like how we write asynchronous code (I know it's very common but to get our hand wet more on this term we'll start with basic first) then we'll understand what operations performed by the Rust compiler that actually makes our code asynchronous like what's the role of waker, poll, etc and how their practical implementation.

This talk will majorly be focused on the internal execution of Rust Futures with async/await.

#async #await #rust 

Rust Lang Course For Beginner In 2021: Guessing Game

 What we learn in this chapter:
- Rust number types and their default
- First exposure to #Rust modules and the std::io module to read input from the terminal
- Rust Variable Shadowing
- Rust Loop keyword
- Rust if/else
- First exposure to #Rust match keyword

=== Content:
00:00 - Intro & Setup
02:11 - The Plan
03:04 - Variable Secret
04:03 - Number Types
05:45 - Mutability recap
06:22 - Ask the user
07:45 - First intro to module std::io
08:29 - Rust naming conventions
09:22 - Read user input io:stdin().read_line(&mut guess)
12:46 - Break & Understand
14:20 - Parse string to number
17:10 - Variable Shadowing
18:46 - If / Else - You Win, You Loose
19:28 - Loop
20:38 - Match
23:19 - Random with rand
26:35 - Run it all
27:09 - Conclusion and next episode


Rusty  Bernier

Rusty Bernier


Two Ways to Do Async/Await in ASP.NET Wrong (and How to Fix Them)

My team is in the process of refactoring a large application that we want to deploy to our production environment soon. I’ve just been assigned as lead developer to this project, since the prior lead got another job in a different state, and I’ve been digging through the code to

#async/await #async #asp.net #programming