MongoDB Node js Rest API Example Tutorial

MongoDB Node js Rest API Example Tutorial

MongoDB Node js Rest API Example Tutorial is the today's topic. We will use Node js as a platform, Express as a Node js web framework and MongoDB as a backend database to store the values. We create a rest api that consumed by either a mobile app or any front-end web app.

MongoDB Node js Rest API Example Tutorial is the topic, we will discuss today.  REST APIs handle the server side of the web application. That means that the backend is built once and can provide content or data for the frontend apps like Angular, React or Vue, mobile platforms like Android, iOS or React Native, or other server-side apps. REST stands for Representational State Transfer, and it is the way how the web server should respond to the requests. It allows to read, create, update and delete the data from the database. MongoDB Node js Rest API Example Tutorial is bit long, so stay with me.

Technology Stack

  1. Node.js as a platform
  2. Express as a node.js web framework
  3. MongoDB as a NoSQL Database

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