Build a Custom Autocomplete-Search Angular App With a Dynamic Table

Build a Custom Autocomplete-Search Angular App With a Dynamic Table

Build a Custom Autocomplete-Search Angular App With a Dynamic Table. We'll implement a customizable autocomplete rendering dynamic table in its overlay then export it as an Angular Library. This article is the second part of a previous article: “Build a Reusable Stepper as an Angular Library.”

Play with CSS overlay and Angular Material components.

Because the challenges we’re facing will never end.

And because, as programmers, we’ll never stop learning and improving.

Because web development is a creative art and a game — one in which we can play with the rules.

  • The number, type, and names of the columns are communicated as inputs to the dynamic table
  • The component hosting the custom autocomplete gives the data list for the table. This list could be static or dynamic (an O bservable).
  • The user can select an option from the displayed options list with a mouse click or by  navigating with the keyboard’s arrows and pressing the Enter key. When arrow-down or arrow-up are pressed, the option in the list that has the focus is highlighted to enhance the user experience.
  • Whenever an option is selected, an event is returned to the hosting component
  • Whenever the user changes the search query, an event is also returned to the hosting component, which is very useful in case we want to get a new data list from the HTTP server, for example.

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