The 1'000'000$ Question?

The 1'000'000$ Question?

A seemly trivial question goes wild. But what are the odds you know the answer? It’s paradoxical. A question that is very important and/or difficult to answer. Sometimes used ironically.

This easy little question was asked on social media and shared wildly. At first, it looks like we all know the answer, but when we take a closer look, we realize it is not that trivial.

Let us know what you think before reading the rest of the article in the comments.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole

We all know that if we have four choices, and one is correct, the probability of being right is 1/4=25%, which is correct. Since there are two 25% possibilities at A and D, we have 1/2 giving us 50% as being the correct answer. Given that now question C is right, the chance of choosing it randomly is again 1/4=25%.

Giving this beautiful circle of self-referencing, many users opted for choice B, being 0%. However, assuming this would indeed be the right answer, we again would have a 1/4=25% chance of drawing it at random.

One more circle? Let’s assume that one answer must be correct, and this leads to excluding the answer B. This would then lead us to believe that we have a chance of 1/3 of being right 33%, which is not on the board, leaving us with 0% as the correct answer…is your head making circles fast than any F1 driver?

No worries, as we can see, this is just an ill-posed problem, and indeed many answers can be seen as correct. Through the way this question has been asked, we can not be sure what method of randomness we are encountering. Can we exclude an answer? This entire thing can be seen as a so-called mathematical paradox.

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