API Security Weekly: Issue #114

API Security Weekly: Issue #114

This week, check out the API aspects of the recent SolarWinds and PickPoint breaches, see a review on how to shift API security left with GitHub and 42Crunch, and more.

Breach: SolarWinds

The [SolarWinds hacking reported this weekend] was not API-related as such. It was a supply chain attack in which hackers (likely a state actor) managed to add their backdoor in one of the DLL files of SolarWind’s IT monitoring and management software, Orion. After a dormant period, the malicious code would contact the command and control center (C2) to get further instructions and execute them. This was in turn used against SolarWinds’ customers, including multiple US government agencies.

Breach: PickPoint

[Attackers opened 2,732 PickPoint package lockers across Moscow]. These are lockers that customers can use to pick the goods that they buy online.

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This week, look at the recent vulnerability in Cisco Data Center Network Manager, the API aspect of the data breach at MGM Grand Resort, and more.

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