Ruth  Nabimanya

Ruth Nabimanya


6Q4: Toga Networks' Meital Bar-Kana, on the Advantages of Python

Toga Networks’ Meital Bar-Kana explains why Python is gaining traction among software engineers.

Our “6Q4” series features six questions for the leaders, innovators, and operators in the real-time analytics arena who are leveraging big data to transform business as we know it.

RTInsights recently asked Meital Bar-Kana of Toga of Huawei-owned Toga Networks about Python, women in tech, and her upcoming talk at the Women on Stage Conference on February 10-11.

Q1: When did you become interested in tech and what is your technical background?

Q2: What is your current position and how did you get there?

**Q3: What languages do you work with and where does Python fit in the mix? **

Q4: What are your most frequently used Python libraries and why? What is a lesser-known Python library or tool that you use and recommend?

Q5: Your talk is titled “Why I Stopped Hating Python.” You added a footnote that you really never hated it. Why do people dislike Python? And what are some of the reasons software engineers should consider Python?

Q6: What advice, comments, or tips do you have for other women in tech?

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6Q4: Toga Networks' Meital Bar-Kana, on the Advantages of Python