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Amazon Web Services- AWS Audit Manager

Things you should know about AWS Audit Manager

AWS Cloud indeed has been able to bring tremendous positive changes in Cloud Solutions to B2C and B2B industries to work more accurately and faster with its built-in compliance control system. However, recently, these compliance-driven industries working with AWS Cloud had to manually use their networks to compare their last approved state with their current state. And on top of that, their compliance requirements during the auditing season is to ensure their programs were up to the benchmark.

Although simple as it seems, this process gets very time-consuming that could even take weeks of time and effort from the employees. Also, as this process may involve tracking every single detail and intensive record-keeping, it somehow could distract the employees from their actual organizational goal that may not work well in the long run. Therefore, for this problem, Amazon Web Services introduced AWS Audit Manager as a solution. In simple words, it is a new automation service from AWS Cloud Toolkit that could help you meet and now automate too.

So, in this blog, I will be focusing on the things you should know about AWS Audit Manager. But before digging into the audit manager concepts of AWS, let us first understand what the word Auditing means.

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Amazon Web Services- AWS Audit Manager