Serverless Express – Easy APIs On AWS Lambda & AWS HTTP API

Serverless Express enables you to easily host Express.js APIs on AWS Lambda and AWS HTTP API. Here is how to get started and deliver a Serverless Express.js based API with a custom domain, free SSL certificate and much more!

Deploy a Typescript Lambda Function with AWS CDK and a Deno Layer

Learn how to deploy a Deno layer with AWS CDK and TypeScript. A Lambda function. Lambda layer that enables Deno runtime. A TypeScript Program.

A Serverless Shipping Application using JavaScript, VueJS and AWS

Build a servlerless web app using JavaScript and VueJS, and using a number of AWS Service. Front end is VueJS hosted in S3 & CloudFront, Backend will use API Gateway & Lambda Functions, Authentication will be handled by AWS Cognito, Local label printing service will be built with .NET Core

How to Test AWS Lambda Locally

AWS Lambda testing on local to depict the same behaviour as online and also this example also shows how to connect to MySQL