The Impossibility of Exactly-Once Delivery

The Impossibility of Exactly-Once Delivery

The similarity between the two generals problem and exactly-once delivery is quite striking.

Exactly-once delivery defined

First of all:

Exactly-once delivery guarantee is the guarantee that a message can be delivered to a recipient once, and only once.

While having a message be delivered only once by a recipient, is the norm, it is impossible to guarantee it.

Proof by contraposition and the two generals problems

The similarity between the two generals problem and exactly-once delivery is quite striking. We again have two parties trying to communicate some intent, with a potential for loss of packages. Where the two generals had to agree on a time to attack, here the two processes have to agree that the second has successfully received the message.

Let’s assume that a protocol exists which guarantees that a recipient receives a message from the sender once and only once. Such a protocol could then solve the two generals problem! Representing the time of the attack as the message, the first general (the sender) would only need to adhere to the protocol for the second general (recipient) to have received the attack time exactly one time. However, since we know that this is not possible, we also know that exactly once is not possible.

Direct proof

In case it’s easier to conceptualize, I’ll try to prove the impossibility of exactly-once using a direct proof. For this, let’s assume:

  1. The sender and recipient are operating in the real world, meaning non-zero transport and processing times (and no strict consistency)
  2. The sender and recipient do not have access to each other’s internal state. This means that the recipient is not aware of the intent to send a message unless told by the sender
  3. Transport of the messages are unreliable
  4. The recipient has to do some processing on the message (this means the message cannot simply be dropped or lost)
  5. The operation is time-bound: processing has to complete within a non-infinite period of time

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