Expenses - Integrating Google Sign-In

On this video I go over integrating Google Sign-In

You can clone the repositories from GitLab. Then checkout the specified commit to see the same code I do.

front-end: https://gitlab.com/asielalvarez/expenses.frontend
git checkout c7fb508a945f04540e61a0f50050ae862d4a7017

back-end: https://gitlab.com/asielalvarez/expenses.webapi
git checkout da11055fe1fb0113cd6c691b6b871c21be3cb109

If it’s your first time running the backend don’t forget to run the migrations so that the database is correctly setup. You can do so by opening Package Manager Console and running the following command UPDATE-DATABASE -p Expenses.DB. Also feel free to reference to prior videos.

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Expenses - Integrating Google Sign-In