How To Add Sass In React | SCSS Stylesheet In React js

How To Add Sass In React | SCSS Stylesheet In React js

To add sass in React, we need to install node-sass module and then import .scss files inside the App.js component and now we can use sass in React.js.

Sass is a CSS preprocessor. Sass files(.scss extension files) are executed on the server and send CSS to the browser. React.js is the most popular front-end javascript libraries among the developers.  In this example, we will see how we can use the SCSS files in the *create-react-app. *

How to add Sass in React

Adding Sass is one of the first things today‚Äôs most of the developers do when starting an application from scratch.

Writing in plain CSS can be done, but the Sass preprocessors provide much more power with features like:

  • Variables
  • Nesting
  • Math
  • Mixins
  • Functions
  • Imports

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