Fourth Avenue Residences | Own A Bukit Timah Home Near MRT

Fourth Avenue Residences | Own A Bukit Timah Home Near MRT

Fourth Ave Residences is a luxurious new launch at Sixth Avenue MRT developed by Allgreen Properties. Get direct discount pricing and showflat location 61006552

Never die a drowsy day at Fourth Avenue Residences. With offices to suit everybody's preferences, you can carry on with a really enhanced life at Fourth Avenue Residences with a lot to do directly at your doorstep. Planned in light of you, Fourth Avenue Residences guarantees a cutting edge, peaceful setting with the Arrival Plaza that keeps you in contact with both nature and the rich homes past. Keep in your best structure with the 50m lap pool, or play with the little ones in the children's swimming pool.

Go for a walk in the coasting garden which is encircled by intelligent waters and cozy foliage to present to you the best sensation of serenity. fourth avenue residences singapore Visit the Roof Garden at Level 2 and Level 7 to take in a brief look at the amazing encompassing low-ascent lodges. Or then again unwind outside at the Grand Lawn with your friends and family over a generous open air feast over a grill pit at one of the two grill structures. In the nights, head down to the recreation structure to loosen up with a book or an evening time swim at your own time. Be hypnotized by the strange climate, upgraded via scene lighting.

The clubhouse guarantees long stretches of action every day with a capacity room, party room, karaoke room, and a changing room total with steam room. The subsequent story has a selective exercise center, giving an advantageous method to occupants to stay in shape without the need to go a long way from home. For the individuals who would prefer to invest their recreation energy waterborne, the various pools won't disillusion. Swim laps in your customary range of familiarity or unwind in a jacuzzi unit. With the numerous structures to give spaces to harmony and calm, be engaged to think and appreciate individual time without interruption.

For an advancement with only 476 units, the storm cellar carpark gives 385 vehicle leave parcels comprehensive of 4 debilitation vehicle parts. It comes total with 18 bike parcels and a bike inlet taking into consideration 80 bike parts. The vehicle leave works on a the early bird gets the worm premise. Solicitations for various parts will be dependent upon accessibility.

Area The ideal spot in District 10 flaunts incredible network to any piece of the island. A horde of transport administrations are accessible along the fundamental street, associating you to anyplace you wish to visit. City territories, for example, Orchard are simply a question of transport stops away on an immediate transport course. Or then again essentially go for a couple of moments' walk to the Downtown Line at Sixth Avenue MRT Station through a direct covered linkway, placing you in simple reach of the huge MRT organization.

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