What Is Bremit? - Claim 500 BRMT Tokens For Free ($25)


What Is Bremit, What Focus Has The Project?
Bremit is platform made for fast, transparent and safe money transfers peer-to-peer style. The project will do this thru blockchain technology and the project is decentralized. Today are all money transfer companies centralized and like every other company made, they to want to profit and as much as they can. To solve real-life problems thru decentralization and blockchain technology can we finally break this trend of massive profits to big companies and Bremit might sole this at least for the problem the focus on.

So what do they offer and what services will Bremit provide in this sector? First off will they be completely transparent with your money, the best exchange rates, A secure platform thru blockchain, real-time settlement, 90% cheaper service, Control of money (no third-party involved) and identity management. This sounds achievable and realistic and will provide a better service for the user of it and to a much cheaper price against centralized services.

Here is a picture that describes how the money transfer will work. As you see the money transfer will work completely different against a traditional money transfer there it will go to thru bank services and sometimes third-party companies involved.

Smart Contract Deployment With BSC And Token Distribution
The choice of using BSC over other blockchains according to Bremit was the well established security, the speed of the transactions and the low price per transaction. The BRMT tokens is Bremit’s native token and the token that will be used on the platform and the token distribution will be as follows. If you want to know more about Bremit’s smart contract deployment click here.

  • Prelaunch 5%

  • Early Rewards and Bounty 5%

  • Community Development 10%

  • Node Network Rewards 40%

  • Pre-sale Public 15%

  • Node Pre-sale 10%

  • Team and Development 15%

As we see, much will go to the early reward program to draw attention to the project itself and maybe a few of them might be node’s in the network when that service is launching.

**Be a Node **
I have tried to find information about being a node in the network when that feature is launching, there is no good information about this yet. There will be two types of nodes, just a ordinary nodes and a influencer nodes. What separates these two from each other is there no information about and not how the reward system will work for nodes in general either. This is information that will be provided when this feature is released. Anyone can be a node in this network if they met the criteria and the criteria don’t we know either yet.

If you want to read further about the project can you click here to read the whitepaper.

Reward Program - Good Chances To Collect Many BRMT Tokens
The Reward program and which includes the referral program. The first reward in BRMT do you get when you sign-up, the reward is 500 BRMT tokens worth $25 you can collect 500 more BRMT tokens simply to follow Bremit on different social media platforms. You will also get 200 BRMT tokens when someone signs-up thru your invite-link.

More BRMT can be collected thru the node program yet to launch and the rewards there is unknown as told. As you see there is good chances of collecting a few hundredths or thousands of BRMT tokens.

If you want to register and get 500 BRMT tokens directly I would love if you used my referral link, click here to use it and proceed to Bremit. ( You don’t lose anything using my link nor get more tokens for it.)

Link to Bremit’s blog page further down.

               **Thank you for reading and all support!**

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What Is Bremit? - Claim 500 BRMT Tokens For Free ($25)

It IS wonderful idea