GraphQL Summit Worldwide 2021 [Recap]

GraphQL Summit Worldwide 2021 [Recap]

This article will summarize the GraphQL Summit Worldwide

Well folks, that’s another GraphQL Summit Worldwide in the books . We heard some talks on client-side GraphQL, federation, subscriptions, and testing. Since the last summit, we’ve released a number of new tools to help you build better with GraphQL. Here’s a highlight of some of the latest and greatest from Apollo.

  • Getting started
  • Register, test, deploy
  • Design your federated graph

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GraphQL Summit Worldwide is back!

Do you have ideas and experience to share with the community? We’d love to hear from you. GraphQL Summit Worldwide is back!

Speak at GraphQL Summit!

Today, we launched our event site for GraphQL Summit, the first-ever GraphQL conference. Be sure to check out the full site to see what’s in store.

GraphQL Summit tickets are here!

GraphQL has gone from an open source curiosity to a mainstream technology for professional app developers. Companies like GitHub, Shopify, and Yelp have launched public GraphQL APIs, and even large enterprises have standardized their app development around it. Summit is the answer to your GraphQL FOMO

GraphQL Summit is just around the corner

After listening to the community, we’ve decided to something a little different with GraphQL Summit this year. We’re splitting the event across two days with distinct focuses for GraphQL Summit Worldwide and GraphQL Summit Scale.

GraphQL Summit Scale 2021 [Recap]

It’s a wrap on the first-ever GraphQL Summit Scale! This year we added a day following GraphQL Summit Worldwide that brought together engineering leaders and architects focused on solving the challenges of creating an organization-wide data graph.