Sadie  Cassin

Sadie Cassin


Guide to CSS Animation for JavaScript Developers

CSS animations can make memorable, interactive experiences for websites. Learn how to use them with JavaScript for better user experiences.

It’s been well-documented that the human brain is hardwired for motion. Humans are more likely to pay attention to how elements move rather than focusing on static elements.

CSS animations take advantage of this human behavior. When animation is added to a website, it draws a user’s attention to important areas of a product, creating a lasting effect and generally enhancing experience.

In this post, we’ll review the benefits of CSS animations, different CSS animation properties, and different examples where JavaScript developers can use CSS animations to make websites more interactive and user-friendly.

Each of these examples will be accompanied by a Codepen demo and a detailed explanation to make the examples more realistic, practical, and informative.

An overview of CSS animations

Before delving into understanding how to use CSS animation as a JavaScript developer, let’s quickly review what exactly CSS animation is, why you need to know it, and what impact it has on the look and feel of a website.

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Guide to CSS Animation for JavaScript Developers