Infrastructure Automation with Open Source Tools

Infrastructure Automation with Open Source Tools

Infrastructure automation opens the door for developers to rapidly provision new environments, and this list of open source tools can help you get started.

Enterprises across the globe are implementing infrastructure automation to save time, eliminate manual error/variability, and reduce costs. Automation opens the door for developers to rapidly provision new environments. Cloud architects, support executives and others looking at infrastructure automation across the enterprise

Infrastructure Management

It is the administration and management of physical and virtual assets, data, and software to support all IT Operations in the facility. This structure is required to run all Business Operations smoothly. The main goal is to minimize downtime and maintain business productivity.

These are the main elements and services for Infrastructure Management:

  • Asset lifecycle
  • Capacity monitoring/planning
  • Storage
  • Network utilization
  • Availability
  • Security

The Need for Infrastructure Management

Earlier, setting up new infrastructure meant stacking physical servers, configuring network cables, and housing hardware in a capable data center. In the cloud, setting up more performance efficient, cost-effective, and secure infrastructure can all be done using software just by clicking buttons.

This is done by writing the services as IaC for Infrastructure. The use of infrastructure as code means IT infrastructure can be fully provisioned from source code rather than manually. IaC opens the door to the complete automation and configuration of infrastructure, with cloud elements such as servers, networks, and databases being treated similarly to the software.

This all can be done in our Infrastructure with Open Source Tools and services.

IaC is made more accessible today through a comprehensive range of tools available for automating the entire provisioning process.

Quick and secure deployment is the key to successful Infrastructure Management.

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