The .NET Stacks #18: RC1 is here, the fate of .NET Standard, and F# with Isaac Abraham

The .NET Stacks #18: RC1 is here, the fate of .NET Standard, and F# with Isaac Abraham

This week, RC1 is here, we talk about .NET Standard, and discuss F# with Isaac Abraham.

This week, Microsoft pushed out the RC1 release for .NET 5, which is scheduled to officially “go live” in early November. RC1 comes with a “go live” license, which means you get production support for it. With that, RC1 versions were released for ASP.NET Core and EF Core as well.

I’ve dug deep on a variety of new features in the last few months or so—I won’t rehash them here. However, the links are worth checking out. For example, Richard Lander goes in-depth on C## 9 records and System.Text.Json.

While there are many great updates to the upcoming .NET 5 release, a big selling point is at a higher level: the promise of a unified SDK experience for all of .NET. The idea is that you’ll be able to use one platform regardless of your needs—whether it’s Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, WebAssembly, and more. (Because of internal resourcing constraints, Xamarin will join the party in 2021, with .NET 6.)

Microsoft has definitely struggled in communicating a clear direction for .NET the last several years, so when you pair a unified experience with predictable releases and roadmaps, it’s music to our ears.

You’ve probably wondered: what does this mean for .NET Standard? The unified experience is great, but what about when you have .NET Framework apps to support? (If you’re new to .NET Standard, it’s more-or-less a specification where you can target a version of Standard, and all .NET implementations that target it are guaranteed to support all its .NET APIs.)

Immo Landwerth shed some light on the subject this week. .NET Standard is being thrown to the .NET purgatory with .NET Framework: it’ll still technically be around, and .NET 5 will support it—but the current version, 2.1, will be its last.

As a result, we have some new target framework names: net5.0, for apps that run anywhere, combines and replaces netcoreappand netstandard. There’s also net5.0-windows (with Android and iOS flavors to come) for Windows-specific use cases, like UWP.


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