Fundamental Concepts of Angular

Fundamental Concepts of Angular

Fundamental Concepts of Angular for beginners to advanced level developers.

Components: Component is a logical piece of code for

angular application which consist of 3 things:

  1. Template
  2. Class
  3. Metadata.

*Custom Component: *A custom element extends HTML by

allowing you to define a tag whose content is created and controlled by

JavaScript code.

*Binding: *It allows us to define communication between

the component and view. So we can say that data binding is passed from

component to view and from view to the component.

Types of Binding:

  1. Interpolation or String Interpolation {{ }} - Interpolation
  2. binding is used to return HTML output from TypeScript code i.e. from the components to the views. Here, the template expression is specified within double curly braces.
  3. *Property binding [] - *In Property binding, value flows from a component’s property into the target elements property.
  4. Event binding (click)="event()" The Eventbinding feature lets you listen to certain events such as mouse movements, keystrokes, clicks, etc.
  5. *Two-way Binding *[(ngModel)]="abc" Angular allows two-way data binding that will allow your application to share data in two directions i.e. from the components to the templates and vice versa.

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