Open Google Play Store From React Native App

Open Google Play Store From React Native App

Do you want to open Google Play Store from React Native app? Use React Native Linking API to open google play store from your React Native App with these steps. Open Google Play Store From React Native App

User ratings are very valuable to a business as they play a crucial part in people’s purchasing decisions; be it restaurants, movie tickets, or in the current context, our react native app. You must have seen prompts when you are surfing through any android app or playing games, that ask you to rate the app in google play store.

Are you wondering how you can emulate the same behavior in our react native app that is live and has real users who you always wanted to cater to? Getting user ratings or let’s say taking our user to google play store is possible in react native through the use of  Linking. There are also many packages that we can use who will have Linking under the hood, but today we will be trying a very simple solution without using any packages.

How to open Google Play Store from React Native app?

Simple Example

If you don’t have time to go through the whole blog, this is what you will have to add to your code on button click asking to rate your app in google play store:


reactnative react

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