JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

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The important part of traveling is packing. Packing essentials is not an easy thing to do. But when you travel via air, then your baggage matters a lot. Packing light can help you save significantly. If JetBlue Book a Flight for you, then it won't be cheap. Yet, you will save big money on your baggage expenditure.

So, do you want to know more about the Baggage policy of JetBlue Airlines? If yes, then below you will find the guide of how much you should pack and pay less for the baggage expense in JetBlue Airlines.

Rules of JetBlue Airlines Baggage

In JetBlue Airlines, passengers will find various baggage options. Passengers can choose as per their requirements. The options consist of oversized or overweight bags, checked bags and carry-on bags. Let's go through the options separately.

Oversized or Overweight bags

If you have lots of luggage and your oversized or overweight bags fail to meet the weight restrictions and/or size dimensions and are considered overweight or oversized, you have to pay extra charges for them.

Here are the charges as per your bag size:

  1. Overweight bags between 23.12 kgs (51 lbs) to 44.91 kgs (99 lbs) : $150 per bag.
  2. Oversized bags between 63 inches to 80 inches (that includes handles and wheels): $150 per bag.

If the individual or group is traveling to/from Guyana, Ecuador, Trinidad & Tobago, Peru, Dominican Republic and Haiti are limited to take not more than two bags.

Another point is that the passenger should be aware that the fishing rod, skis or snowboard, golf board and skim board are considered as one checked baggage and it will be included in the JetBlue Booking section at any time.

Checked Bags

Passengers are allowed to take checked bags and can also add up to 2 checked bags during their journey and each should be 50 lbs or 22.68 kgs.

Carry-on Bags

The carry-on bag's size should not exceed 22" L x 14" W x 9" H, including handles and wheels. Also, the personal item should not exceed 17" L x 13" W x 8" H.

Fees for JetBlue Checked Bags

These fees are only applicable to the checked bags included in the airport or within 24 Hrs of flight departure. These checked bag fees are only refunded when the entire reservation will be cancelled before the real-time flight departure.

Mint: 1st Bag - included, 2nd Bag - included Blue: 1st Bag - $35, 2nd Bag - $45 Blue Extra: 1st Bag - $35, 2nd Bag - $45 Mosaic: 1st Bag - included, 2nd Bag - included Blue Basic: 1st Bag - $35, 2nd Bag - $45 JetBlue Plus Card Member: 1st bag - included, 2nd bag - $45 Blue Plus: 1st Bag - included, 2nd Bag - $45

Passengers will be charged $150 for 3rd baggage.

Check-in Times for JetBlue Baggage

Your baggage will not be accepted if you want to check-in six hours prior to a flight's scheduled departure time. You need to check-in with your baggage in the airport for 40 mins prior to your JetBlue flight's departure time (if domestic). You can check-in with your baggage 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of your JetBlue flight for international travel.

If you have any queries and want any details based on your flight booking, please contact the representative through Jetblue Reservations Phone number.

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