Top 6 Considerations for SaaS Application Development

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) product development industry is thriving, attracting companies from a wide range of industries. The number of companies investing in SaaS application development and making the transition to the cloud is increasing every year. In 2020, Gartner predicts that SaaS solutions will generate revenue of around $105 billion, representing an increase of $20 billion from their prediction for 2019.

The main reason organisations favour a SaaS-based architecture is that it provides them with scalable and reliable cloud applications at a cheaper cost per use. SaaS apps enable firms to become more adaptable and agile in a highly competitive and tough economy. Using the SaaS paradigm to produce higher business value is also fundamentally faster. When picking a saas application development company, however, an organisation must keep these six factors in mind.


In software architecture, multi-tenancy refers to the use of a single instance of an application to serve multiple clients at the same time. This allows developers to take advantage of a shared infrastructure and codebase to expand their services to new customers at a lower cost.

With a multi-tenancy architecture, the developers will have an easier time keeping the software running smoothly. When it comes to security, on the other hand, there is a significant issue because numerous tenants share the same infrastructure, placing them at risk of data loss, abuse, and privacy violations.

You and your SaaS application development company are responsible for ensuring that your programme, which is designed on a multi-tenancy architecture, enforces authentication and permissions in order to allow access to critical information. The most effective solution is a SaaS platform that includes tenant management and data management modules built in.


Traditional applications have a limit on the number of users who can access the application; modern SaaS applications, on the other hand, allow an unlimited number of users to access the application due to the fact that the application is hosted in the cloud and the database is built to be inherently scalable to handle the increased load.

SaaS systems experience exponential growth in database size in line with the number of users and transactions, placing a pressure on database performance and resulting in longer transaction times as well as poor user experiences.

When dealing with situations where multiple users require access to the same data, a well-designed SaaS application makes it straightforward to deal with them. In SaaS applications built on the newest technologies and infrastructures, the backend data scales independently of the business logic and display layers, with load-balanced servers and a strong layer between the data and the application.


The security of a SaaS application is critical, and it is mostly ensured by the SaaS application development industry and cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your company's data is segregated and only accessible to those who require it, owing to the contemporary SaaS application architecture used by SaaS applications.

Organisations contemplating a move to SaaS are most concerned about data security and integrity, which is preventing the majority of businesses from adopting cloud computing practises. A method to security known as Security-by-Architecture (SbD) enables SaaS application developers to incorporate an infrastructure architecture that automates security controls, enabling for security to be built at every level of the IT management process.

Although the SbD method is not new, it has grown increasingly significant as the use of public cloud computing has increased dramatically. Recent efforts by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to promote and formalise the technique for the cloud audience have proved fruitful.


APIs enable a well-designed SaaS application to communicate with other applications in a seamless manner. A seasoned SaaS application development company ensures that the APIs required for integration with other SaaS or on-premise applications are available and functional. APIs are available to third-party developers who can utilise them to extend the capabilities of the SaaS platform.

Customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions like as Sales force, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, SAP CRM, and Oracle CRM on Demand are seamlessly integrated into the SaaS model to boost marketing and customer support interactions.

However, while adding APIs increases the value of a SaaS platform, extreme caution must be exercised to avoid exposing the APIs to security risks and vulnerabilities.

Technical and Business Model Alignment

In some cases, the business model imposes technological limits on the SaaS service, the most significant of which is resource utilisation. The latest SaaS apps allow resource utilisation to expand in lockstep with income (or at a slower rate). Another thing to think about is how to support a company's billing approach. Your SaaS application appropriately reports the foundation for metering if you're invoicing at a metered rate.

There will be very little downtime.

Your SaaS application development business, in addition to your own systems and networking teams, is responsible for guaranteeing minimal downtime. While most SaaS application development services promise 99 percent uptime, some even go as far as to guarantee 99.9% uptime. However, according to several reports from IDC, Gartner, and others, firms encounter 12 unplanned application downtime incidents per year on average.

Here are some scenarios that your SaaS application must manage in order to maintain service continuity:

  • Database or application servers are down
  • If a third-party server is unavailable, only that portion of the functionality is lost

Because the cost of downtime is so high, disaster recovery planning is essential for businesses to reduce the risks. Furthermore, rather than harming your application's live environment, request that your SaaS vendor evaluate your disaster recovery plan in a temporary environment. Other precautions that firms should take or request from their SaaS application vendor to reduce the risks associated with frequent downtimes include:

  • Server upgrades and security patches on time
  • Debugging and debugging
  • Server restoration, including files-only, bare metal, and VM snapshots

Final Thoughts

Your organisation and your SaaS application development services provider will both benefit from a well-designed SaaS application. Despite the fact that a SaaS application model offers a variety of benefits, these six considerations are critical for a company's long-term survival. A solid cloud-based SaaS solution ensures security and scalability while also providing ease of use and taking advantage of economies of scale.


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Top 6 Considerations for SaaS Application Development

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Tarun Nagar

Tarun Nagar


The Main Thing That Has To Be Taken Seriously With Saas Apps Is Security

As Cloud software is getting popular, the danger of them getting attacked is increasing too. Companies who were previously using traditional on-premise software solutions are shifting to SaaS.

This makes it important for companies that develop SaaS products for enterprises to focus on security.

SaaS apps need to be safe because they contain a lot of sensitive and confidential data and if it is leaked it can create big problems.

This is not just a problem for the client enterprise but also for the SaaS development company as their image will be tarnished.

In this article, there are all the main things that developers can focus on to develop secure SaaS apps.

This is not an option but a necessity for all the development companies. There are so many hackers and even if companies use different methods to block un-authorized activities, they find some way.

SaaS is one of the best choices for enterprise software development needs to be the safest.Now, as the technology is developing, the methods of securing the apps are improving as well.

Earlier there were basic methods like securing the firewall and all but now the measures have increased as well.

What Are The Threats To The SaaS Apps

Before fixing all the security issues, Saas developers need to know what are the threats that they have to deal with. Having clarity of the things that need to be done makes the work easy.

More than half of the work is done when developers or testers are able to find out all the potential threats to the SaaS apps.

Below are some threats that are faced by most of the cloud-based applications and it is important to find and fix them.

  • Breach To Capture Data
  • Change In Controls And Configurations
  • Weak Architecture In Cloud Application Development
  • Loopholes in authorization policies
  • Insider Threats
  • Hijacking Accounts
  • Weak Control Panel
  • Limited Visibility Of Cloud And Its Usage
  • Cloud Services Abuse And Misuse
  • Insecure API’s And Interfaces

All the aspects mentioned above are there in the top tier of the threat list. These are common and dangerous.

There can be many other threats that developers need to find by doing proper research. Risks and threats differentiate with the nature of the application.

The category of the application also changes how the application can be vulnerable.

What Are The Best Practices That Can Protect Your SaaS Application

There are some practices that development companies can apply to increase the security of the developed applications.

After knowing the risks the team of SaaS developers can figure out the activities that they need to do to tackle them.

The applications that are hosted on the cloud are vulnerable to a lot of threats and those threats need to be tackled with care and precision.

Below are the practices that they can follow to ensure that the apps are safe and the enterprises or the owners stay satisfied:

  1. Keep A Checklist To Review Security
  2. Educate And Train The Employees
  3. Educate The Customers About The Risks
  4. Created Policies For Storing And Deleting Data
  5. Protecting The Data That Is Sensitive

1.Keep A Checklist To Review Security

Make a checklist that ensures that all departments and parts of the apps are safe. There are many vertices in an organization that might be using this application and it is important to keep all of them in check.

All of this ensures that everything that is done is done according to the security measures.

There should be a record that says who is authorized and at what level. Any changes to these should also be recorded to find inconsistencies in the network if some problem occurs.

The list of the review can change according to the organizations, the application in use, and other factors.

2.Educate And Train The Employees

Provide training to the employees so they know the basics and some important concepts of security. This is important so they can know what are the problems and how to handle them.

It is not only the job of a SaaS development employee or security personnel to make sure if everything in the network is fine.

The security of the applications also depends on the people who use it. Teach the employees how they need to use the app, what they should share, how much they can get inside.

All this will keep them aware of how their data and authority can be misused if they reveal it to anyone. There should be workshops to let them know about the risks that are there.

3.Educate The Customers About The Risks

The customers who will use the application should also be told about all the risks. They must be told about how they should access their accounts, what they should believe, what they should report.

These might look small but these things have a great impact on people. There are companies who have started special workshops just so their customers are aware of security threats and they can keep themselves safe.

This should be done by all the companies that are using mobile application development services.

4.Created Policies For Storing And Deleting Data

There should be properly made policies that state how the data will be stored on the application and in what situations it will be deleted.

This is something that should be done for both, companies and customers. This keeps clarity between the customers and the organization and also keeps the data managed in the servers.

5.Protecting The Data That Is Sensitive

Companies have data that is confidential and sensitive on their applications and if that gets leaked or damaged they might have to face great losses.

They need to protect the data from the attacks that hackers do. There are various methods to do that.

SaaS development needs to be secure so that the data stays safe from all possible threats.


Custom software development is not as easy and as smooth as people think. There are many issues related to security and the architecture that have to be managed.

The world is full of risks and they increase more when an organization is on the internet.

Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing technologies and SaaS software is taking place of traditional software in many sectors. This can be only maintained when the apps are secure and reliable.

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