How to Write a Python Script to Scale Your Data Science Job Applications

How to Write a Python Script to Scale Your Data Science Job Applications

Are you struggling getting job interviews as a fresh graduate out of college? Here's my experience using an unconventional approach to get that interview.

Back in Spring 2020, when the Coronavirus just hit the US, I was enrolled in a Master's degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. With less than six months left to graduate, the urgency to get a job felt very real.

For those of you interested, I was looking to get a job in the Data Science field, as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

I had been applying to jobs for quite some time and was really struggling to get any interviews. I felt I did check most of the requirements on the job description. I had been doing projects and coursework for about two years until graduation, but I still could not get a job.

So I was convinced that there was something wrong in the way I was applying to jobs. Like any sane person, I would apply to job postings that I could find on LinkedIn or Indeed. On any given day I was applying to about ten companies. I would find the posting on the job board, locate the same posting on the careers page of the company and apply on the company’s career page.

Pretty straightforward right? If this task was that simple you wouldn’t be reading this. I recalled what Daniel Bourke said:

Job portals are dead. If I click that button, it's always a no.

I learned that if I apply through a job portal then it is almost certain that I would not get an interview.

Don’t get me wrong, people do get interviews this way too but I am convinced it is a highly unlikely gamble especially for a fresh graduate like me. Anyway, I think I should have another article out in the future detailing my struggles finding a job fresh out of college.

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