3 Best Beginner Flutter Courses to Start With

3 Best Beginner Flutter Courses to Start With

Recommended Flutter courses to take to start your journey of becoming a Flutter developer, based on my own experience by taking the courses myself.

I believe that when I want to learn a new programming language, I should learn from several teachers / instructors, because they must have their own style. Then, I can go with the one that suits me, or combine their methods / techniques.

I have taken several Flutter courses, and here are 3 courses that I recommend especially for those who have just started learning Flutter, or even just starting learning to program.

The courses below are paid courses. All the links to the courses are NOT affiliate links. They are my personal recommendation based on my own experience by taking them.

1. The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart by Angela Yu

This course is great if you’re a real beginner to Flutter, and even if you’re a real beginner to programming where you’ve never code before. Angela is a really good teacher. Here, she explains the basics of programming, step-by-step, with its implementation on Flutter. She also uses some animations to make things easier to understand. At the end of each module, she will give you tips and motivation to be a better programmer.

You’ll learn everything from Flutter’s basic UI and layout, adding multimedia to your projects, to more advanced topics such as animation, using APIs and json data, using Firebase as database, and state management using Provider as the last section.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the state management section as when I accessed it, Angela hadn’t update it with the updated Provider package that I couldn’t follow along. But every other lesson is really worth it. I see that the course was updated on December 2020. I haven’t checked for myself, but I do hope Angela has updated that section.

If you’re an experienced programmer but new to Flutter, this course is still good for you to get to know Flutter’s basic. You may skip some lessons on the programming basics.

If you’re already familiar with Flutter and want to upgrade your skill to the next level, I think you can skip this course. I’m not saying you’re not going to learn anything new from it, but you’ll find you already know most of it.

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