Checking Vulnerabilities in Your Python Code with Bandit

Checking Vulnerabilities in Your Python Code with Bandit

Checking Vulnerabilities in Your Python Code with Bandit. Do you know yet? If you are still wondering about it then this article is for you.


As developers, we're encouraged from the start of the journey to write clean code. Equally as important, but less talked about is writing and using secure code.

In Python projects, we typically install modules and third-party packages to avoid developing solutions that already exist. However, this common practice is why hackers exploit dependencies to wreak havoc in our software, and why we need to be able to detect when something is amiss. As such, we use tools like Bandit, an open-source security analysis utility for Python projects.

In this guide - we'll explore how simple lines of code can end up being destructive, and how we can use Bandit to help us identify them

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