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DrupalGap: A Brief Summary

DrupalGap is an open-source javascript framework and an application kit of development used to build web and mobile apps for Drupal websites. It is a valuable tool to create multi-platform mobile applications that allow developers to provide content on the web with various capacities. It also connects mobile applications with Drupal-based websites. Many professional web design and development companies offer drupal development services to develop cross-platform and web apps. So, you can look for the best professional help to meet your application needs.

Mainly there are three types of apps:

  1. Native applications: This type of application is created to target a single type of operating system such as iOS or Android. These apps can be downloaded from the respective app store of the OS and are meant to deliver high performance. Although the drupal development team’s expertise are in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are not core skill sets to develop the native mobile apps, software development kits or framework like PhoneGap, Waterwheel Swift,etc can be a solution for them.

  2. Mobile web applications: Any mobile device with good internet connectivity can access this kind of mobile application. These apps are cross-platform compatible and can be downloaded from the internet easily. Mobile app development with Drupal framework has many benefits like native functionality, access to the file system of mobile devices, background location awareness, subscriptions through the app store, and dynamic designs.

  3. Hybrid applications: This type of application is a combination of both native and web apps.

DrupalGap has three major components:

1. Drupal Module: It is responsible for all the reliable communication between a mobile app and a website. Drupal Module is also responsible for classifying View Datasource modules and services necessary for effortless communication using JSON. Service modules in drupal development facilitate URLs, which are utilized by mobile apps of Drupal websites. DrupalGap manages user authentication with Drupal and operates the service module.

2. Mobile Application Development Kit: Although Drupal is a PHP-based framework primarily known for website creation, it can be a possible solution for mobile app development. It works as a robust data source and shares data like content, business logic, functionality, user base, etc. It is the best choice to develop a strong backend platform or if you already have a Drupal website. In the second case, the drupal module works seamlessly to establish the connection between the app and website.

3. Web Application Development Kit: This kit is used to create functional web applications. Web app development with DrupalGap can run on modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet explorer. And if you have a website, drupal development can balance your website life, since it provides many benefits in CMS tools.

Some of the leverages of DrupalGap for creating apps are:

  • It helps to generate light-weight mobile applications
  • Application with Drupal development gives complete administrative control
  • It has dynamic styles and designs with a variety of templates
  • Mobile applications with DrupalGap form agile and smooth apps
  • It offers flexibility to create various mobile applications
  • Continual optimization

DrupalGap is a fantastic tool for creating mobile applications as it provides cost-effective solutions to content management. Mobile or web app development with DrupalGap will rectify more shortly since new mobile operating systems will land in the market. You can come down to get assistance from the best drupal development services company, Auxesis Infotech. The company offers 360-degree drupal development services with a highly experienced drupal developer’s team.

DrupalGap: A Brief Summary