Deep Dive into WebSockets

Deep Dive into WebSockets

Understand the important attributes of WebSockets that every developer should know: WebSockets Architecture, Data Transfer Patterns, Data Compression, Web Sockets Security, Browser Compatibility

Understand the important attributes of WebSockets that every developer should know

In the early days of the Internet, web applications were built around HTTP requests triggered by user interactions. With the advancement of technology, the requirement for real-time data transmission and two-way communication emerged. It was a requirement for low-latency applications such as,

  • Multiplayer online games
  • Chat applications
  • Realtime updating social feeds
  • Live sports scoreboards, sports tickers, etc.

The solution was WebSockets. With its wide acceptance, many libraries emerged to simplify its applications. Consequently, many of us started using the technology without knowing the internals, leading to inefficiencies.

Therefore, this article attempts to cover the essential attributes of WebSockets to reduce these gaps.

  • WebSockets Architecture
  • Data Transfer Patterns
  • Data Compression
  • Web Sockets Security
  • Browser Compatibility

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